Thinking about questions for Cinematographers over coffee

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I am drinking my first cup of coffee this morning from my new "Buy More Nerd Herd" cup. I woke up this morning thinking about interview questions. What are our readers are interested in? The underlying important thing for me is how was it made. I have two interviews coming up with well known ASC members. I want to do a good job.

It might be more of a curse than anything but when I see something I want to know how to do it. I want the people that created it to reveal how it was done. I want to know how to do things. We all emulate or heaven forbid "copy" what other people have done in our artistic endeavors. Actually, I don't see it as copying but as building on what was done before.

I want to know how they make those crash scenes, subways scenes, darkest shots, and special effects. I want to know what cameras, tools, and peripherals were used and I want to know what kind of planning and thought processes were going on as well.

In our workshops Peter Stein, ASC said many times that filmmakers use examples of what they want to accomplish from movies they have seen and communicate their vision to the cinematographers with them. It's like a communication tool.

I hope you like my ramble this morning. I am going to try and check in every morning and read other posts and post a morning message. Please sign up and let me know your thoughts. It's easy and supports our community. If you have any questions let me know in the contact form or email me. I will be working online all day.

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