Marvel Recreation Universe (Part 2 Behind The Scenes)

Dustin Johnson
Marvel Recreation Universe part 2: Behind the Scenes.

We are very happy to announce that the Behind the Scenes Phase of Mru has begun!

For those who don't know: Marvel Recreation Universe is a Fan Series that Recreated 1 scene from every single Marvel Movie in chronological order using VFX, and Costumes.

It started out as friends filming Recreations in a studio and ended up starring Professional Cosplayers and Actors from all over the world by the end of the Season.

After some overview and discussions/meetings with our Producers, we have decided to split our BTS into 3 Sections and rearrange our pre-planned documentary:

We have concluded the Main Story of the Making of Mru will be told through the Power of a Short Film, the Behind the Scenes interviews initially recorded for our doc will be redesigned as short Behind the Scenes featurettes for each episode, and the third section will remain a surprise for now.

The BTS of the Mru is a very active and engaging story we feel that making this change will make the tale more accessible to people/ with a broader reach and a more impactful experience.

(One of the reasons we believe Mru has connected with many people is because our SR'S are fairly short and we want to take that same approach to our BTS.)

Me and my team are happy to present our very first Behind the Scenes Featurette:

Marvel Recreation Universe BTS Episode 1: The Winter Soldier.

It may seem odd to start with the 3rd episode of our show however, this is the first episode we filmed, edited, and pitched to our actors.

The WS provided many creative challenges and questions including: Do we film on a Blue Screen? How to record a fight sequence on a highway? and much more.


Marvel Recreation Universe had one of the most unique sets in video producing.
Unlike many productions, we were not inventing something new, but instead reenacting something we have high respect for with a cast and crew brought together by the impact of the Marvel Movies.

Multiples of people coming together to recreate scenes that we look up to from movies that we love.
Every cast/crewmember knew what we were creating, and everyone was pushing hard to do these iconic moments and characters justice.

Here is a highlight reel of what the experience was like on Mru's Sets.

Marvel Recreation Universe BTS Episode2: Best of/on-set highlight reel.


The Thor The Dark World Scene Recreation required us to find a new Thor actor, color grade a costume using Visual Effects technology, and more.

In this episode we break down everything it took to bring our Thor: The Dark World SR to life:

Marvel Recreation Universe BTS Episode 3: Thor the Dark World.


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Hey Dustin! I'm very happy to see your thread! It's very insightful!