How would you make this trailer better?

Hey my filmmaking friends its Asher here in the chat today, hope y’all having a good time. The question of this post is how would you make this trailer better.

So I’ve made a trailer for a record labels Album coming out soon. I got together visuals from most of the artists worldwide that are on the album, I opted to make it really short. But was it too short? Keep in mind I was given pretty much full creative control for this trailers production (within reason). The main goals I had in mind was to present some of the artists, explain how the album is shared between artists in few words, and to give credit to those working on it. Release date in the title.

What I would love to receive from y’all is helpful criticisms, feedback and ideas for making trailers. I did have some doubts in the back of my mind like is this too short? Is the concept of multiple artists sharing the album conveyed as best as can be? Is there any way you would do this that you think would work better. Im only 18 years old so this kind of help is really useful.

Thank you all for any help.


Maura N.

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This is your best trailer! You are improving so much! :D
This is your best trailer! You are improving so much! :D
Hi Maura, thank you so much. I hope you are having a great time. I wonder if I may ask you some questions? Mainly if you think it’s obvious that the track in the trailer is on the album? Or should I make it clear instead of assuming people know. Also, do you think the small “crazy music videos” title card at the start is good enough to convey to viewers that the visuals there on are teasing the music videos? Or do you think this is all too fast and short to convey these things. Maybe a trailer like this shoulder be longer and more explained to hit home. I’d love to know your thoughts.
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This trailer is already better than your previous work. You could try making a trailer with a B-roll. This would mean you should have to film many scenes yourself. I liked the first scene for example. The first few seconds. Just a suggestion. :)