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Jani Puusa Music
Hello there !!

So i am Film/game composer from Finland and i am looking for a work so i can build up my portfolio. No matter how big or small i am interested to show my skills and work.
At the start i have to apologize my english as it is not perfect but anyway i have been in music industry past 20 years as a musician but in 2021 i decided to grow from a musician to a composer. I have always loved cinematic music as well as epic trailers that hit hard or just leave you speachless with emotional music.
I have professional and vast virtual instrument libraries and Cubase 13 as my DAW. Using only the best sounds from Spitfire audio, Heavyocity , Cinecamples and the list goes on.
I have released two single's what can be found in all major music streaming services. First one - Clock maker's tale - what was inspired by my old grandfather clock on my living room. The second single - Lilith - was inspired by game called Diablo IV and the character Lilith what tells a dark and desperate tale but in the end a hope fights back.
Third single is soon ready as it is waiting just a mastering and then a release. Now im working on trailer music and also working orchestra background for bands.
I hope you give my songs a chance and i'm always looking for a feedback of my songs if you wish to leave me a comment.
You can find me in my social media from the links below
For work contact me via email Janipuusa80(at) im happy to sent you my portfolio.

Thank you and thank you for reading =) , lets tell your story

Jani Puusa Music



Hello Pinballwizard and welcome to our community!
You have a really good portfolio! I am looking forward to seeing more projects from you! :D

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