Duel of The Shades Live action production progress (trailer)

The Duel of The Shades
New Zealand & Australia
Filmed 2023, film release 2027
Hi I’m Asher, I’m here today with an update on my fantasy films production for anyone who is interested in such things. Over the last 3 months I have been in New Zealand with my camera, this small trailer is the outcome of that. Some people in this group may or may not remember that I did an audio - motion storyboard film also called The Duel of Shades In 2020. From that feature film I have been able to get a lot of feedback and inspiration to improve the story and cinematography planning for the eventual live action production. So much has been “tinkered” with in the story that the end result will be much different to that original storyboard telling.

In my film journey to New Zealand these past months I have been location scouting and capturing “video landscapes.” This trailer shows scenery from the locations which have been chosen, some of the shots are ready for the Final Cut - others are just behind the scenes material. The song is an original composition of mine, and please forgive my attempt to write lyrics and sing at the end. Over the coming years are many more filming crusades projected to happen similar to this one, at the end of / start of each year. For this film I want to use as little green screen as possible, shooting many scenes on location. Hiring of talent will proceed through the traditional manner, actors and other collaborators paid for their time and skill.

The story itself as the trailer states is still being improved even now, and no doubt it will continue to be tinkered throughout further production. This is a fantasy film through and through, dragons, fantastical creatures, armies, battles, princes, princesses, revolutions, nemesis Kings, slimy advisors, betrayal, honour, sacrifice so on and so forth. It will cost a pretty penny for this film to be made properly, for a production guide the behind the scenes for The Lord of The rings will be like a bible. In the way that they made so many miniature sets and used the most ingenious film techniques to escape the fact that the 3 films had a relatively small budget for what they were adapting.

Well, I hope this intrigued someone. I would love to know your thoughts, and if you have questions please feel free to ask. As always, any criticism is most welcome.

Hi Asher!
I totally love this new video! :D I would love to visit those places!

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