VIPER (A Hitchcockian Thriller)

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The Viper is coming...

A lone criminal, hiding in a safe house, is terrorized by a mysterious caller.

This short film draws inspiration from the cinematic stylings of Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and 'The Twilight Zone.' This short was shot in 2 days on the Canon 5D mark ii, and cost only $200 to make.

The film stars Bruce Spielbauer (Sargosi), Marco Garcia (Viper), and Mike Tracy (Sullivan).

The Director of Photography was Dillon Schneider of "Reel Big Films."

The Original Score was composed by myself, George Streicher; and the short was cut by Austin Harvey Stock and Diandra Kendall Luzon.

We all hope you enjoy our little film and ask you to please SUBSCRIBE in support of our current and future filmmaking efforts!
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