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Hey there,
I just joined the community here and thought I'd directly show you guys what I can do. My Royalty Free Music in the third link!!!

So my name is Tanju Demirhan (going by the short name TDM), I'm from Turkey and I'm actually a chemist but compose music as a hobbyist. Though I want to finally make the step to become fully professional.
I'm composing epic orchestral and hybrid music (sometimes even other genres).
Down below is my profile page with my original compositions on Soundcloud
Tanju Demirhan Music (TDM)

and here is the link to my Youtube
If you're actually looking for Royalty Free Music you can find my released songs on Pond5
Would be nice to read what you all think about it.
Till then, have a great time! ;)

Kim Welch

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Thank you! Great music. Did you minor in music in school? What sparked up the music pursuit?


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Oh well I had some courses here and there when I was younger but talking about serious music education I had only about 9 months in the Modern Music Academy in Istanbul but as a certified educator for advanced guitar techniques. Other than that I always loved music and at first tried to write Rock and Metal which then drifted into orchestral music :)
It took a lot of trying and failing but I believe I got somewhere and I guess it's also hearable in my music.