The City of My Heart. The heart of my country! Documentary.

The City of My Heart. The heart of my country!
Penza, Russia

"There are so many wonderful places in the world, stunning imagination with their beauty of scenery, rich history and unique sights. But there is only one place that is dear to your heart, with streets that you've known since childhood. Your family and friends live here."

- Marina Gerasimova, laureate of the All-Russian Lermontov Prize. Lermontov All-Russian Prize and Mtsyri All-Russian Contest of Young Poets

The project started in 2012 with my first experiments with timelapse techniques. At that time I was just beginning to look for ways to capture as much emotion as possible from the atmosphere of the city where I was born, through the visuals. After the 2nd video
first showed in January 2014 and won several awards afterwards, I started working on a short film. In 2017, the main filming was completed, but due to circumstances, the project went into the archive. In 2018, a short video based on the draft version of the film was released
And now, three years later, the film has been completely remastered. And the author of the music, as originally intended, was the talented Russian composer Sergei Ivanov.

You can listen to the composer's works here

The film was shot on Sony A6300, Sony A7s, Sony A77v, Sony A65, Konica-Minolta Z3, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K EF, Panasonic GH5 and Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K.

Maura N.

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Hey @Aleksey Makeev !
The film looks amazing! You and your team have put a lot of work into it and the result is impressive! The music combined with the Hyperlapse are extremely pleasing to watch. :D