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Hi students!

We're Filmbuddy team, and we're a group of cinephile across Canada and US! Do you have an idea for a film, but have trouble finding other filmmakers in your area to realize your vision? We faced the exact same problem, so we created a platform to solve this issue,, that allows you to discover & connect with other filmmakers in your city.

On the website, you simply select the types of filmmakers you’re seeking for your project (eg. director, screenwriter, cinematographer, actor/actress, and many more), and you will see everyone with those positions in your city! When you visit their profile, you not only have access to their portfolio and socials, but also to the films they’ve worked on. These features allow you to carefully examine various filmmakers in your city, and ultimately help you find most suitable artists for your project.

Join today and let's connect! :)
Hello @Filmbuddy !
Welcome to our community! :) I have moved the thread to the proper category :)

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