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  • Good day, Aleksey!
    I was looking at your website, it looks very cool with all the images! Is there a chance I could see an English version of it as well? Sadly, I do not understand the language. 😅😅
    I saw the "Fountain of Life" post from the forums and I loved the vibe. Is there any chance you are working on similar artistic projects this summer as well?
    Aleksey Makeev
    Aleksey Makeev
    I plan to make a second language version of the site in the first half of 2023.
    "Fountain of Life" is just a sketch for the camera test. This year I was doing another project, about shooting on devices with small sensors. It's still in production.
    Great to see you in the Filmmakers Forums Community! Look forward to chatting with you in the threads!
    It's your birthday today! :D I hope you are celebrating it properly, with dear ones next to you. Happy Birthday!
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