Looking for Sound design/Foley and Color Correct. Feature film shot during lock down


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Hey all,

My name is Yonash Breneman. I'm a writer/director living in Los Angeles.

When the lockdown happened in mid march, alcohol and TV was a great way to take in the new world....for about a week. I became stir crazy and started thinking of ways to bide my time. Living with two actors, I pitched a film, which they thought was a great idea until they realized I wasn't talking a 10 minute short...lol. I convinced them though. Got on the line with a dear friend and pitched him the same...who thought I was bat sh*t crazy...but also came around. From April - June, we simultaneously drafted a story, scripted a feature, and shot the whole thing. I know...sounds cheap and horrible, right?
Maybe...But I truly believe we made something special in the time in which it needed to be made.

The film is called "The Death of Us". you can see trailer on instagram under Thedeathofusmovie

Let us know what you think!

No budget and a crew of three.

We found a wonderful editor who got us to picture lock...around 1 hour 31 minutes. The film is currently with another beautiful soul getting composed.

To be honest. We need help. We shot the film for pennies on the dollar but were able to save some money to help with post production but we can't afford production houses asking 5-10k for their services.

We would love to welcome anyone who wants to be apart of something that truly is a "once in a lifetime experience".

Any leads help. Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.

Look forward to meeting some more wonderfully talented people.

Yonash Breneman

Maura N.

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Hello Yonash and welcome to the forums! I wish you the best of luck in finding what you are looking for - maybe you will be successful on our forums. :)