Looking for a cinematographer and a sound engineer for a proof of concept shooting (unpaid, only showreel materials, IMDB credit and food on set)


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Hey guys! I'm looking for a cinematographer and sound engineer to join a group of young filmmakers for 1-2 days in the beginning of June to shoot a few scenes from a feature film script for a proof of concept that we are going to use to raise funds, and hopefully, eventually shoot the whole thing, like, next year. Ideally, we are looking for people who either have their own gear, or know where it's possible to borrow it, as we are on a micro-budget. But if not, we'll try to figure out how to find the equipment. It's not a job - unfortunately, we can't afford to pay for it, all of us volunteer our time in attempt to raise a budget for this film. So, we are looking for enthusiastic people at the beginning of their careers, who are looking for materials for their showreels, IMDB credits, and opportunities to collaborate with other enthusiastic people at the beginning of their careers. If we manage to raise funds, we will be happy to offer everyone involved in the proof of concept shooting the same positions in the production of a feature film. If not, well, at least all of us will get something for our showreels, network, and just have a great time on set. Here is the log line of the project: "Four people get stuck in a shelter during the outbreak of a deadly virus. Forced to co-exist in this enclosed space for months they’ll go through the challenges they wouldn’t dream of in a nightmare. Will they manage to survive the pandemic and keep their humanity?". It's a mix of drama and thriller. I'll be happy to send the script, tell more about the film, and answer any questions. Message me if interested! Thank you, and have an awesome day!