I need a Gimbal


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I am searching for a decent gimbal for a Canon XF605. It needs to be inexpensive as possible since I blew most of my budget on the camera :) I really like the camera but it is heavy and I am not very familiar with gimbals. There are some really inexpensive ones on Amazon but I am highly suspicious of those. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
A few years ago, I got a gimbal from Feiyu. It was about $400 and I can still use it to this day. I do not know what gimbal would work best for your camera, but I can give you some advice on what to look for when choosing a gimbal.
The most important aspect is the weight of your camera. The gimbal that you purchase needs to be able to support your camera. However, you should also be careful not to buy a gimbal that is built for heavier cameras, because then, your camera will be too light and the gimbal will tremble.
Let's say your camera weights approximately 2460 g with accessories (I Googled it). You should purchase a gimbal that can hold 3-4 kg with ease. However, you should avoid a gimbal that can hold above 4 kg because you will need to add weights to avoid your gimbal to tremble.
You can easily find the gimbal that you are searching for based on this simple detail. I also recommend that once you did find a gimbal, to look for a youtube video to see how your camera would look with this gimbal.

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