I need a book recommendation for this break

Winter holidays are almost here. It’s a great time to be jolly and look forward for the family dinner, however, this is also a great opportunity to relax and learn. I am planning to read a book in this short break.

I have been looking online for book suggestions. I have found a few books. I am not sure which one to pick. At Uni, our teachers recommend us to read books and we have a library where we can find those books. I have already finished reading those during the semester.

I would love to read about the basics of filmmaking in general, to learn more about the industry. If anyone could recommend me a book that is also friendly with my student budget, I would be very grateful!

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
Hi Amy!
We have a Bookstore. Maybe you can find some inspiration here: https://studentfilmmakersstore.com/
Looking forward to hearing feedback about the book that you choose to read this break! :D