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Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, so apologies for any slip-ups in etiquette! I work for ThinkSpace Education, which is an online school that specializes in teaching composition, orchestration, and sound design for TV, Film, and Games at the Master’s level.

We are offering funding for filmmakers and can contribute to production expenses both financially and in the provision of composers and/or sound designers for your project. We are primarily interested in funding smaller indie or student productions that will be filming on-location. We have partnered with the Sussex Film Office and are on their list of funding partners as well (find out more HERE).

In exchange for this funding, we are requesting full access to use your film, on-location sound, ADR recordings, and sound rushes as teaching materials in our degree courses. We would also request the opportunity to come on-set and film B-reel material as you are running the shoot (if you're based on the south coast of the UK). We would also be interested in prior projects for which you still have all of the above materials, so if you're looking for funding for an upcoming project but have previous films in the bank, we can work something out!

We can’t guarantee that everyone who reaches out will fit the needs and requirements of the funding opportunity, but we encourage everyone to get in touch to discuss it further with the ThinkSpace team.

You can reach out to
Hello and welcome to our community! :D Thank you for sharing this opportunity with our members!

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