Bring your film to the next level with original music scored to picture

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Greetings, dear filmmaker!

If you are like me, you are likely a brilliant up-and-coming artist, trying to present to the world your fantastic vision on a far-too-limited (or non-existent) budget. You've edited your masterpiece to a temp score that sounds amazing (as it should, since it was recorded by a 100-piece professional orchestra), only you can't use it when screening your film at festivals because, well, you don't own the rights!

This is where I come in. While I cannot match the audio fidelity of a live orchestra single-handedly, what I can do is provide you with a score that actually has an advantage over your temp: it is composed to your picture!

I'm not going to try to lure you with promises of taking on any project for free. With the pride you take in your film, you don't want to accept an offer from someone who clearly places so little value on their own work. What I will say, however, is that I am eager to collaborate with filmmakers who are looking to launch their careers with films that are ambitious and unique, and I am confident that this shared vision will make it easy for us to reach a mutually acceptable arrangement.

Visit my website for examples of my past work, and please feel free to get in touch with any questions. You know better than anyone else how crucial the score of your movie is to its reception and success, and you have the pride in your work to want to work with a professional, Berklee-trained film composer with the expertise and resources to bring your film to the next level.

Future world-famous filmmaker, I will talk to you soon!

Reuven Herman

Visual Media Composer