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  1. C

    Stock Music For All Video Projects

    Hi , Below is my Stock Music shop with music for films and games: Kind Regards
  2. Mojo Music

    New Dark Music Library Unleashed

    Hello all, my name is PJ and I am thrilled to announce our new dark music library is alive and well and ready to couple with your film productions to produce one helluva wicked celluloid beast. Production Music Mojo is a royalty free music library with an ever expanding portfolio of dark sound...
  3. NickMx

    Example of Full Orchestra score

    Since being one of the composers offering music service on this forum, I tought it could be a good idea to post an an example of a full orchestra sound, and it may also serve as an example of what customized music could be like.
  4. J

    Music composer and arranger available - small budgets okay

    Hi, I'm an arranger and composer and I can help with music for your project. I also do ADR and Sound Design. Visit my website for music samples: John Capo info(at)
  5. NickMx

    Composed music even for very tight budgets (down to no budget)

    Hi there! Just wanted to inform about the site It's a site where it's possible to find music for film projects, even if the budget is very small. There are even a few tracks for free download. You can also order customized music, original compositions. The...
  6. A

    Royalty free music + Free Pizza!

    Hi guys! I could write that I have many years of work in different musical areas, hundreds orders from commercial companies and popular artists but… who cares? Only the music itself is important. I came on the royalty free market 2 weeks ago, but my tracks are already bought like hot cakes...
  7. D

    Are you a student seeking for Royalty Free Music for you film?

    Hello students! Got good news for you looking for Royalty Free Music, sounds and sound effects for your film. New stock music and audio marketplace has been established recently: Here you can find 2,500 music and sounds and some of them are even free to download and use in...
  8. A

    In need of music for your film? READ

    Hello, I'm a composer looking for some film projects to work with. You can hear some of my music here: I'm experienced in sound design, orchestral scoring, sound effects, programming and more! If you have any questions or are interested? Contact me...
  9. S

    free instrumental music (indie/alternative/post rock/jazz genre)

    Hi I'm a multi-instrumentalist/composer from London. I write instrumental music in indie/alternative/post rock/jazz genre (it's always difficult to pinpoint exactly). I generally try not to use midi instruments if at all possible, so all the violin, guitars, bass, piano parts are all recorded...
  10. cpmusic

    Want a FREE custom made filmscore???

    Hi, I'm a visual media composer, in the process of building up a showreel.... I'm currently working on a couple of shorts (one of which is being shown at a UK Film Festival)...But as of Mid-May, I shall be free, and open for new projects. You can check out my website here...
  11. LamWooStudio

    List of Composers Offering Free Services

    I've noticed that several composers have posted in various threads stating that the they are willing to offer FREE music (and sometimes even free custom scores) for low-budget / no-budget filmmakers. I think it's great that so many people are willing to offer their services to other creative...
  12. LamWooStudio

    Free background music for your non-profit projects

    Here is some free background music that you can use for non-commercial projects. I originally composed/recorded the tracks for things like documentaries, student videos, montages and video games, so I'm not sure how well they would fit with dramatic videos. You can preview all the tracks (12 so...
  13. G

    Bring your film to the next level with original music scored to picture

    Greetings, dear filmmaker! If you are like me, you are likely a brilliant up-and-coming artist, trying to present to the world your fantastic vision on a far-too-limited (or non-existent) budget. You've edited your masterpiece to a temp score that sounds amazing (as it should, since it was...
  14. jodymichelle

    20 Composers' Songs in the Network Featured on Front Page,

    Twenty Composers' Songs in the Filmmakers Network have been featured on the Front Page of Share your comments and feedback, and rate the songs from 1 to 5!<br><br>(Click to listen).<br><br><strong><font color="#009999">Composers Networking:<br>Featured...