1. JH Woods Productions

    "Bite" short thriller movie

    Bite will be my first short film and I want to share it with you all. May 7th 2021, the short will premier via Letty Babe YouTube. I have attached a promotional image. "Bite" is the story of a young woman who is attacked by her date, only to realize he has left her with a deadly Bite!
  2. N

    Nosferatu Festival 2021 Short Film Contest Call for Entries

    The 3rd annual Nosferatu Festival is expanding to include a film contest with an open call for entries through December 1st. The Nosferatu Festival is proud to announce the addition of the Vampire Short Film Contest. The 3rd Annual Nosferatu Festival celebrates 99 years of Nosferatu: A...
  3. jacobacrow

    'The Postman' - Short Film

    Hi all, Would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my student short film and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy!
  4. H

    I made a short film about a apocalyptic future

    Hi guys, I want to share with you the final trailer of my next short film RED LIGHT, a film about climate change, hope u like it and I´ll grateful for any share, thank u all! TRAILER:
  5. Aleksey Makeev

    Penza - City on Sura River | 4K Timelapse & Hyperlapse

    Penza large industrial and cultural center of the Central Russia. Its history begins since far 1663. First it was the wooden jail with the small posad which received the name on the river of the same name, inflow of Sura. The remains of a rampart remained to this day, and are a historical...
  6. Simon

    Ichnos - Student animation 2D/3D

    Hi everyone ! I'm Simon, I'm twenty and I'm an animation student. Today, I'm gonna show you my school project, a five minutes movie named Ichnos. Ichnos, what is it ? At dawn, a hunter follows the huge tracks of an animal all over a continent. At sunset, he loses the tracks at the top of a...
  7. S

    Animated short

    I made this short and I would love suggestions on how to improve it? Are there any competitions for newbies on the East Coast it might be good for?
  8. S

    Is working on kids content that different from adult content?

    I just made my first kids cartoon. My first two years of film school I did what most other kids were doing and made self-exploratory work that tried to tackle problems I was facing in my daily life that I thought other kids would like or relate to. While working on this project I did a ton of...
  9. P

    New Best Film Awards for the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival

    New Awards for Best Film & Best Animated Film for the 2017 Edinburgh Short Film Festival. In association with Puppet Animation Scotland & The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund, the Edinburgh Short Film Festival is offering cash prizes and industry mentoring to the film-maker who wins the Best...
  10. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival's Partners DC Shorts: Entry Discounts!

    We’re delighted to reveal that we have finalised the details on a new festival partnership with the USA’s largest dedicated short film festival on the US East coast, DC Shorts based in Washington! The partnership begins during our 2018 editions and will see the ESFF prepare a programme of some...
  11. kapalutas

    Film Composer at your service

    Hi, My name is Justinas and I am a music composer, singer/songwriter from Lithuania. I have been composing music for 9 years, mostly for theatrical performances and some short films, no I decided that I would like to work with people from all over the world and test myself as a Film composer...
  12. Ralphiaire

    My new short film

    Hello, I'm new to this site and would love if you guys can check out my short film I did by myself! Please like, share, comment!!
  13. G

    Help buying camera for college

    I don't have too many resources available to me, I am barely able to put myself through college. However, film production is a passion of mine and I need to pursue it. I am trying to reach out and get help with buying a camera. I would just use my phone but it shoots in such a low resolution it...
  14. J

    HDfilmfest offers distribution? Is this real?

    Came across this site where the offer distribution opportunities. Anybody submitted to it yet?
  15. S

    Superhero Short Film Fest accepting all genres!

    Superhero Short Film Fest Earlybird Deadline February 12, 2016 Standard Fee: $5 USD Student Fee: $4 USD Click below to enter: Superhero Short Film Fest features a live screening of the top five superhero/fantasy films, followed...
  16. Wilbo

    Non Smoking Breaks - UK Comedy Short

    Hi guys, I'm a second year film student who has recently set up a production company with 3 colleagues named Four Candles Productions - We've recently released our first comedy short 'Non Smoking Breaks' If you have a spare two minutes i'd really appreciate you taking a...
  17. M

    THIS SHORT HORROR FILM was made by a SINGLE GUY. And the movie is getting some serious attention right now...
  18. M

    Film shot by a SINGLE GUY

    I've ALWAYS wanted to be a filmmaker. The problem is, I suffer from panick attacks and a pretty severe case of social phobia. I don't get out of my house often, and I certainly don't surround myself with people. Which makes it pretty darn hard to make movies... This is the story of how I went...
  19. L

    LMT's call for entries: 1 minute short films

    Hi there! LAST MINUTE TWISTS will be the first-ever 'social made' webseries, an ongoing web series filmed by directors from all over the world. Episodes will be out weekly, starting from October 16th 2014. Each episode will be directed by a different filmmaker, it will last about one minute...
  20. B

    2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED

    2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED The BlueCat Screenplay Competition awards the world’s largest cash prize for best short screenplay: $10,000, with three finalists each receiving a cash prize of $1,500. In keeping with our longstanding tradition, every...