1. sabbir3dexpert

    How to improve your 3d designing skills?

    Improving your 3D design skills, whether in modeling, animation, or any other aspect of 3D design, requires practice, dedication, and a structured approach. Here are some steps to help you enhance your 3D designing skills: 1. Choose the Right Software: - Start by selecting the 3D design...
  2. sabbir3dexpert

    How to rig a character on 3d ?

    Rigging a character in 3D animation and modeling involves creating a digital skeleton (armature) that controls the movement and deformation of the character's mesh (the 3D model). Rigging is a crucial step in character animation as it allows animators to pose, animate, and give life to the...
  3. sabbir3dexpert

    The best 3d animation company in the world?

    Determining the "best" 3D animation company in the world can be subjective and may vary depending on your specific criteria, such as the quality of work, innovation, client satisfaction, and industry reputation. Here are some several 3D animation studios were highly regarded in the industry: 1...
  4. sabbir3dexpert

    what will you need to become a 3d designer?

    To become a 3D designer, you'll need a combination of education, skills, and software tools. Here are the key steps and requirements to become a 3D designer: 1. **Education and Training**: - **High School Education**: Start by completing your high school education, with a focus on art...
  5. sabbir3dexpert

    How to model an object perfectly?

    Modeling an object perfectly depends on the context and purpose of the modeling. Here, I'll provide a general guide on how to create a 3D model of an object with as much precision and accuracy as possible: 1. **Define Your Object and Purpose:** Clearly define the object you want to model...
  6. sabbir3dexpert

    How to become a professional 3d animator?

    Becoming a professional 3D animator requires a combination of education, training, practice, and a strong portfolio to showcase your skills. Here are the steps to help you pursue a career as a 3D animator: 1. Educational Foundation: - Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. A strong...
  7. sabbir3dexpert

    What is the future of 3d animation industries?

    The future of the 3D animation industry is likely to be influenced by several key trends and developments. While I can't predict the future with certainty, But here are some point about 3d animation industries. 1. **Immersive Technologies**: As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)...
  8. Goldenmoral cinemas

    Would love feedback on script in the making!

    Hi everyone! I have written a story called Heart in novella format, making it into a script to one day become a movie will be an awesome challenge! The story is fantasy, sci-fi, romance, thriller, horror and adventure. It includes dragons, dinosaurs, krakens, pirates, large battles, sieges upon...
  9. O


    Hi~ Recently, I discovered an animation contest that calls for MEMEs! The competition looks so fun, and the awards appeal to me as well. I think some of you may be interested. 🖍 Requirements The Participants must use the Animation Desk to create their submissions.(It’s free to download)...
  10. Swati Panda

    Mother's Day: Animated film about women's education

    After a long break from making films, esp with so much of hassles of finding actors, I decided to just make a film anyhow and express my thoughts about the things I want to improve in society using my art and creativity. Animation is best for directors who are like helpless- in finding funds or...
  11. Goldenmoral cinemas

    THE KINGS WORLD: War of the VOID Official Trailer

    In the making for 13-14 Years, since I first created the character of the Greedy Captain on his golden ship when I was a young boy. (4 years old) I’m so hyped to finally bring to life The Kings World in its first FULL SCALE feature film. Combining live action, 3D animation and 2D animation...
  12. TCS world 10k Bengaluru Marathon Track view’s Animated Video

    TCS world 10k Bengaluru Marathon Track view’s Animated Video

    TCS world 10k Bengaluru Marathon Track view’s Animated Video 2017 by Dream Engine Animation Studio, Mumbai. to know more visit
  13. J

    Animation studio

    Hello, this is the best animation studio which really helps me a lot to find out click on this link
  14. J

    animated video production

    Our in-house production team, working under one roof is amongst the best-animated video production teams. Our creative team work closely with our animators and designers to deliver the best client experience. We specialize in 2D, 3D and whiteboard animated videos
  15. Y

    First Animation

    I would like to read a honest feedback about my first animation, it took almost 1 month to finish this 6 minutes video Heres the link: Too bad my voice actors are too busy so i post it without a voice but with sound effects and background music. Also its just a trailer so please give me...
  16. A

    Call for submissions: Cancer and Community Short films (10 Mins or less)

    Submissions now open! @cancersupportsf is looking for short films on cancer and community for their Film Festival Charity Gala. Deadline is May 31. They're looking for short-shorts (10 minutes or less) on the broad topic of cancer and community. Anything from animation to narrative to...
  17. videoproduction

    Adventure into Animation

    Ever have a call with a client looking for a quote for animation but not sure what it will cost or who you should talk to? We definitely have, and this is why we brought on experienced animators to talk about their craft and the best way to include animation in your projects. On 2/24/21, we’ll...
  18. Queens Underground

    Film Festival welcoming Student and First Timer Projects

    Queens Underground Film Festivals is a unique film festival organization. We produce several film festivals annually -open to all categories and genres. We include the Red Carpet, Live Performances, Vendors and average submissions from 14 countries for each of our film festivals. This season...
  19. igypichardo

    The Locobugs song episode

    Hello, This is a new episode of my animated series The locobugs :) Any feedback would be appretiated
  20. jodymichelle

    Darren Holloway Finds His Calling as an Animator: "Laughter is the best medicine."

    Darren Holloway Finds His Calling as an Animator: "Laughter is the best medicine." StudentFilmmakers chats with Darren Holloway, the animator behind the Filmmakers Network profile, MrDazAnimation, in the Filmmakers Global Network Community online. Darren is a self taught animator from London...