Vegas Pro VFX without the Learning Curve - GenArts Webinar


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<p>In this webinar, David Hadden shows you how to improve video quality with effects using GenArts' Sapphire Edge. David will show time-saving video effects application in three categories: wedding, corporate, and faith. Learn how to boost the production quality of your video and create stunning looks in Vegas™ Pro.</p>
<p>In this webinar, video editors will learn how to: </p>
<p> - Transform, color-correct, and stylize footage in quick easy steps <br />
- Find practical uses for effects within varied project styles <br />
- Customize looks by building off of a preset or by combining effects <br />
- Quickly apply transitions that make your video pop</p>
<p>Learn more about GenArts' Sapphire Edge plugin for Sony Vegas Pro or take a trial at:<br />
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