Two short films, spoofing Fri. the 13th and Mr. & Mrs. S



These are two short films I had to make last month for my senior English class. We filmed the first one, Saturday the 14th, in 2 hours and we improvised everything: dialogue, action, direction, etc. We were going to film a semi-remake of Assault on Precinct 13, but one of our key group members never showed up. So, Saturday the 14th was filmed in 2 hours and edited in 3 hours and turned out very well for an improv film. I directed, edited the music into the film, did some blood effects, and played Jason. Being the total basket case I am, I clashed with one of my group members a lot during the filming because he was co-director and our creative differences didn't come eye to eye. They way I wanted something, he wanted something totally different. He directed the first half while I directed the second half. He liked more of the slow burn, pro-long shots while I liked quick paced stuff. You can definately see that in the first half where he focuses a lot of attention on the first dead body while I went: quick shot of killer, quick shot of knife, scream, blood on the wall, CUT!

Our second one, Mr. and Mrs. Voorhees: Saturday the 14th Part 2, was made for extra credit. I scripted it, but we ended up shooting the day after I scripted it so we forgot a lot of our lines. We made it in 2 hours, and edited it in less than 2 hours so it's of lesser quality than the first one, but it was still fun to make. I played Jason, directed, and wrote this one.

We didn't have a lot of resources to make it. We had a $500 camera and Windows Movie Maker. But we all worked together to pull it off and make it as good as possible.

The films are under my favorite movies section on my MySpace account.