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Kurt Brokaw​

"Do you remember the last movie you saw in a real theater, up on a big screen? Our memories grow more remote by the day. For this viewer it was a screening of the sumptuous 150-minute Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Directed by Gu Xiaogang, Dwelling is a multi-generational family saga that slowly unscrolls as the camera leisurely journeys, hour by hour, season by season, up and down China’s Yangtze River, pausing to disembark and eavesdrop on unending inter-generational squabbles. It ended late Friday afternoon, March 13, just as the Museum of Modern Art was closing its doors and effectively shutting down New Directors/New Films before it ever opened."

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I I saw the movie called 1917, in February I believe. Since then, the cinema is closed and all the movies I have seen were either on Netflix, HBO GO or on other online services.