I tried the new AI app that makes beautiful art and portraits

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Lensa is a new app that has become viral in the past week. This app uses your selfies as the starting point to generate AI powered art.

My news feed on any social media I have an account on was full of these Ai pictures. Celebrities, friends and family have all tried the app and posted a few pictures on their social media accounts. After a few days, I decided to try it as well. I am a creative person, I was curious to see what type of art AI can make out of my selfies.

The app allows you to upload minimum 10 selfies and maximum 20 selfies. After uploading 10 selfies, I was told to wait for a few minutes.

I was amazed to see the result. The app generated 100 pictures based on the 10 selfies that I provided. The photos were grouped in multiple categories.
photo1670526164 (3).jpeg

The app is available on Gogle Play and App Store for those who wish to try it.
I am shocked and amazed in the same time by how much AI has evolved. Lensa is just one example. I am curious as well how I would be looking through the eyes of AI but I don't have this many selfies. I am the person behind the camera, not in front of the camera
You should use this app as inspiration for your future project! You should really consider trying to play a medieval fantasy character, you would look amazing!
I wouldn't be amazed to see AI photo editing in the near future. Why bother to manually edit photos when you can let AI do the job?

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