I have an idea

Maura N.

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Hello @WriterUnscribed1210 and welcome to our community! :)

Projects are always better when done with a like-minded partner! I am confident that someone in our community will be more than happy to join you in your writing adventure!

You can also post this on our Magazine's dedicated website, for a wider exposure. We even have a "jobs" section, where you can post "writer needed": https://www.studentfilmmakers.com/jobs/
Looking for a writing partner on movie script.

I have the idea of a good movie that needs to be seen. Life, love, music, heartache, failure, success.

the movie will be based in Fresno and have 90’s teenage years as a era. Who wants to go skate?
Hi WriterUnscribed. I was wondering, did you manage to find a writing partner in the end? I like the idea of focusing on skating. It really evokes youth.