Fun Action Comedy VFX Short - Hide N' Seek |Team Fortress 2 Prop Hunt in Real Life|


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Hey guys! My team and I recently made this short vfx video that's loosely based off of a mode in the video game Team Fortress 2. We had looked around online to see if other "Prop Hunt in Real Life" videos existed, and we were really surprised/disappointed when we learned that all the pre-existing ones had really cheesy effects and weren't very well executed. In many ways, we set out to make the video we felt should have already existed. We didn't want the video to be exclusive to the video game though, so other than the "game mode" being featured in the video, we didn't have many other elements related to the game. We used original characters (that we've established in our last two vfx videos) in a unique situation, and the result is this video.
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This is our last vfx video, Hand Cannons, would love for you all to check that out too!