Anyone Interested In Making A Music Video?!!


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Is there any aspiring film makers out there interested in doing a music video for promotion of a new dance/house single?

This is the deal...
I can pay you, but not alot!
I'm not looking for a full-blown proffessional standard production, I just simply don't have the funds for that, or else I would do just that. Instead I'm looking for something simple, independently creative and of decent quality for a generous price.

You will have 100% freedom in making the video, including any story lines associated, recruiting any actors (preferably friends of yours that could jump in as 'actors/actresses' for the day!), and the overall production of the music video for the single.

This project would suit an upcoming film maker wanting to get some further experience and also add to their showreel in exchange for an extra bit of pocket money.

The video will be used as a promotional tool for the tracks upcoming release, for Youtube, Myspace and wherever else!!

About the track/song...
It's a commercial dance/house track (running- 3:06 minutes) with female vocals. The theme is "I Like Girls." It's hard hitting, memerable and sexy!

If you're interested, please contact me at:
If you could also provide me with a few samples of your work as well as what you'd charge for this project, I'll get back to you if everythings right!

Cheers!! ;)