Advice Needed! Autumn Short Film About A Poem


I saw a suggestion on the forums about Short Film ideas that could be shot during this Autumn. One idea in particular vibed with me and I was thinking to give it a try.
The idea is to create a short film using a poem. As I was thinking more on how to actually do this, I stumbled upon a few obstacles:
Problem No. 1: I am not a writer, therefore, I do not know how to write poems. Could I use a poem that is available on the internet? I was thinking about "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. Could I use his poem without having copyright issues?
Problem No. 2: I am not a good actor and I do not have any friend or mate that wishes to help me out with this. I am camera shy, too. I was thinking of shooting videos of nature and birds and such for the short film. I am not a good director either, as I am a student and I am still learning. Any suggestion would help me on how to shoot this short film.

And Problem No. 3: What advice would you have for me regarding the audio track? Should I use a dramatic voice on a slow pace?

Olivia Perez

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Problem No. 1: Dear, you can use an old poem from the internet with no worries because it is in the public domain and you will face no copyright issues. It is good to always check these facts before starting any project to avoid any copyright issue. Problem No. 2: You do not need to be a good actor because you can always make use of what is around you. Make the most out of your surroundings, autumn leaves, wind, even the sky. Problem No. 3: I am not good with voiceovers. This poem is old and for me, it is a bit dark and grey.The voiceover could be with the type of voice that you would usually use for something which is dark and grey.

Oskar Kuusk

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Oh, "The Raven". A classic!
Olivia already answered your "Problem No. 1".
I will head towards the other two. I am guessing you do not have complex gear or many people to help you out with this and that you are by yourself in this project. I won't lie to you - it won't be easy! But it's a great opportunity for practice and to learn a thing or two. First, you need to understand what this poem tries to tell you. What is its story? Second, maybe everything is a metaphor and you can use something else for "The Raven". Maybe "The Raven" is not a bird but a woman.
For the third problem, I also agree with Olivia.

Robert Miller

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From what I've learned at school, this poem is about grief. The bird is used as a symbol, for grief. Meaning that you will have to create a short film to express this grief and use "The Raven" for this purpose.