3 Short 3D Animation Videos

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
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I created 3 short animations. One of the animations I worked on, Zelda Anime Op, was suppose to be much longer, but it was taking too long to create. I might finish it sometime later. I hope you enjoy.

Zelda Anime Op - Short Clip - WIP

Link vs Raph

Robot Martial Artist
They are very good! You could create the graphics for a vintage video game, too, with your current skills!

Oskar Kuusk

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For some reason, I was being reminded of "Legacy of Kain" old computer games. It is best to find your inspiration in existing products and try to replicate them when you are just starting. One day, you will be able to venture a little bit further and take on gigs for other developers. The portfolio that you will create in time will help you secure the job you are preparing for. Keep it up @AnimatorJC !


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I can't believe you are not a professional animator in the industry yet. This is so cool! I just love it! 😍😍😍 😍 I first thought that's Cloud from Final Fantasy, but then I read about Zelda