13th Annual Lehigh Valley Student Film Festival


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The Emmaus Arts Commission Student Film Festival celebrates independent work and creativity while promoting a productive setting for student filmmakers to showcase their talent.

The Film Festival includes screenings and a free, pre-kickoff “how-to” class for students with industry professionals. The EAC is looking for sponsors for its 13th Annual Student Film Festival to be held October 29, 2017 at the Emmaus Theater.
  • Students report to the kickoff meeting on DTBD at Emmaus High School cafeteria, 800 Pine St, Emmaus, PA 18049, please use the side entrance (THIS IS NOT MANDATORY) (If you cannot attend the kickoff you must notify us by email that you want to participate in the film festival. Please include your name and school.)
  • The cost to participate is $10 per team( non-refundable). (A team may consist of as many members as you like)
  • The October 6th kickoff includes film tips and tricks, and contest rules.
  • Genre - Scary/Suspenseful/Funny/Drama. This is open to your interpretation of the theme.
  • RULES! At the kickoff, each team selects 2 themes of which you pick 1, that your films MUST be developed around. For example you choose “Witches” then your film must be based on witches. Those unable to attend the kickoff, will be given a theme and it will be emailed to the team leader. You then receive a copy of the Outline. If you are unable to attend the kick-off on October 6th ,these rules will be posted that evening on October 6th! We will assign YOU a theme.
  • You then have 120 hours to create, shoot and edit a final film. Finla films are due, uploaded to a server by October 11th at 6:00 pm.
  • Participation is that simple!
  • Can't attend the kickoff meeting? No problem, contact us and we will send you the outline and a theme for you to use in your film. Please make sure you provide us with your name and school!