1. Swati Panda

    Episode from a Thriller series "Serpentine"

    I have tried combining fantasy, stream of consciousness narration with noir effect here. The series continues.. Hopefully it will end soon and I will start a fresh new project soon. But the whole amount of physical work I have been doing for this film has been really tough. As a beginner...
  2. I


    SOUL, the guardian of dreams is a feelgood fantasy story about a yuppie who finds a magic sword which makes the dream come true he didn't know he had. he first desperately tries to get back to reality but eventually accepts his dream and follows it.
  3. Goldenmoral cinemas

    THE KINGS WORLD: War of the VOID Official Trailer

    In the making for 13-14 Years, since I first created the character of the Greedy Captain on his golden ship when I was a young boy. (4 years old) I’m so hyped to finally bring to life The Kings World in its first FULL SCALE feature film. Combining live action, 3D animation and 2D animation...
  4. Goldenmoral cinemas

    Hi I’m new here! Thought I’d share my latest work for feedback :)

    My name is Asher Pike, I’m very thankful for being accepted into this site. I hope to become friends with people here, to give and gain advice. I am an aspiring film director, novel writer, musical composer and editor. Just 16 as well so I really appreciate all advice and feedback on my work...
  5. exleyal

    Seeking Help for Comedy Adventure Series

    Hello, I am looking for people who are interested in participating in an animated comedy adventure series based on the PC game Wolf Quest. I need voice actors and character controllers. Video editors are also welcome! This is unfortunately not a paid opportunity and will rely on people...
  6. E

    2017 Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Fest - Call for Entries

    We’re excited to announce the launch of the call for entries for the twelfth annual Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival (SFFSFF), a partnership between EMP Museum and the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)! We’d love for you to submit! From July 1st through September 30th...
  7. S

    Superhero Short Film Fest accepting all genres!

    Superhero Short Film Fest Earlybird Deadline February 12, 2016 Standard Fee: $5 USD Student Fee: $4 USD Click below to enter: Superhero Short Film Fest features a live screening of the top five superhero/fantasy films, followed...
  8. A

    Post-Production Crew Collaborator needed for FUN, MFA thesis musical film!

    Hello, Our team is looking for some important post-production positions for our fun musical/fantasy/drama short thesis film <The Fantastic Clown Club>! (Los Angeles Area) We are also looking for post-production members who are also in achieving their way up as post-production professionals and...
  9. JulianRay

    Original Music for Original Project

    If you're working on some interesting and original project and if you need original music/sounds for it - listen to my musical style, and if it's what you want for your film - contact me with your Ideas. Preferable themes: Sci-Fi, Mystique, Fantasy, Children, Nature, Tale, etc. My music...