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    15 year-old film composers looking to collaborate with young filmmakers

    You've listed some mighty fine composer's to be inspired by~ I would also check out James Horner & Jerry Goldsmith. Different side(s) of the same coin, but worked in the same time period as Williams and Zimmer. Definitely some gems to be found.
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    Orchestral Cue - Virtual Scoring

    Much appreciated~ I'm on the cusp of completing the "blue print" for a new we'll see how that goes haha.
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    Orchestral Cue - Virtual Scoring

    Greetings All~ Thought I'd share a personal project of mine in between (other) projects I do. Decided to compose a straight up action cue meant The desert? Rooftop fight? Who knows, let me know what you think~! Always striving for an organic/ authentic performance of instruments...
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    Composer/Filmmaker Collaboration Platform

    Sounds great, looking forward to it. Would love to nab any project I can, I'll keep an eye out for updates~
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    Composer/Filmmaker Collaboration Platform

    Woops! My bad...I read that wrong. No wonder~ And gosh I know all of their pain points...! It's a unique combination of things most of the time. I'll check out that form and sign up. Would love to network and expand the reel of work I have going. Thanks for heads up~
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    Composer/Filmmaker Collaboration Platform

    Greetings~ I think I signed up...but I'm not sure...the process sort of lead me into a form builder site and wasn't sure what to do from there. I'm a composer and am curious about joining your cause so to speak. Any advice?
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    Tailored Composing

    Greetings all~ I felt compelled to post this, as I have been seeing a lot of this articles being posted here regarding this. To be clear, I do not personally have anything against stock/library/royalty free music. It serves the exact purpose it needs to, especially with time sensitive...
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    Looking for a Composer for a Dramatic Short

    Greetings~ Liked the synopsis of your film!, it has some dense topics it discusses and that always makes for an interesting film. I am a composer, and would love to add a project like this to my reel. Now comes the coin flip! I primarily use orchestrated music (as most film music is composed...
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    New To Forum, Support My First Feature!

    Lily, Congrats and welcome to the site. I am a newbie here myself, so I figured I would say hello~ I will be sure to check out your project. I am a composer always seeking new projects to be apart of. If you ever have the need for something original and dramatic, feel free to shoot me a...
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    New Composer

    Greetings All~ I just discovered this website, looks wonderful so far! Just wanted to post an introduction, I am a composer always seeking a new project to be apart of. I primarily write orchestral and am fond of the 1970's through 1990's film music in particular. Any who, below is a link to...