Youtube project video editor needed

Hello everyone! I'm working on a 10 minute Youtube video about the fate of the tomb of Alexander the Great. I'm looking to recruit someone who has experience in video editing, as I lack proficiency in that field. If this is an opportunity that might interest one of you, please let me know.
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Maura N.

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Hello @Nikephoros ! This sounds like a great project! I hope that you will choose to share the end result with us, I am really curious to see the video once it is done. :D I have always asked myself the same question...what became with the tomb of one of the well-known kings from ancient history.


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I like similar videos, especially on history, I always loved this subject at school. Now there are many video editors that are understandable for beginners, with their help you can make a good video for your channel, not a bad option is, for example, you can, add some transition effects, or do color correction.
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