Which are the best affordable drones approved by Netflix?

István Kovács

Active member
I rarely see projects these days without footage captured by drones. For this purpose, I ask the question…if I want to film something and submit it to Netflix, which could be the best affordable drone that is approved by Netflix? I will film most scenes in the city, early in the morning, to avoid tourists.

As you all know by now, I live in Budapest. The city I live in is rich in locations that can be used for many film ideas that I have, from documentaries to fantasy stories. I would like to try and create content for Netflix and for this, I ask for your advice.
I did some research on this as well, but the only thing I could find is:
“Limited use of non-approved cameras is allowable in certain circumstances (e.g. crash, POV, drone, underwater, Pan-Tilt-Zoom/Robocam etc). In all cases, such cameras must be explicitly approved by Netflix for a specific project. Use of a non-approved camera on one project does not constitute blanket approval of that camera for other projects.”

Apparently, there is no approved drone.