What movies would you create for Virtual Reality?


I have read in previous posts that VR is an immersive simulation that could be a great fit for horror films. I was also thinking how incredible it would be to watch an immersive documentary, even though it would be more difficult to make a documentary about a WW2 scenario without using CGI and digital 3D models. I would imagine, however, putting on my headset and step into the Amazon rainforest or into the Savanna and finding out about the wild life in a safely manner that will leave no negative impact on it and would not endanger my life as well.

What I believe would be easier to create in VR are movies that promote tourism. I live in Berlin, it would be easier for me to create a film and to showcase the major touristic attractions in an immersive way and someone from UK, USA (or some other part of the world) could put on the headset and enjoy the show. Such films are already being made and showed on the main television but they are not made for virtual reality and the experience is not so immersive. I could also use my imagination and create a story to engage the audience, not just show the places and talk like a guide about them. Just like detective “Lupin” is promoting beautiful places in France, especially in Paris. Of course, I would not have the budget or means to create something this big but I could start with a short film.
I loved Lupin. You are right, a short film like this would be great for promoting tourism and you could also find some sponsors for your project! Great idea!
You actually have a great idea, Marianna!
As for me, I would tell better stories using the VR technology. People could better understand the life of other people. Imagine seeing a documentary made about a poor family and their living conditions - maybe if viewers would experience their story in an immersive simulation in the virtual reality, they will feel something inside of them change for the better and maybe it will trigger a positive change in the end.
I would create immersive wedding videos. Many couples would be happy to have their wedding day stored in a virtual reality movie, which they can rewatch anytime they want. They would be able to relive their special moment as many time as they would want, in 4k or 8k.
I have many ideas about movies that could be created using the virtual reality technology. The only problem is that I have no experience with this and I have no idea how to actually make them. For starters, I could show the world little parts of how I live my life in my corner of the world.

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