What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?

I was talking with a friend the other day and I was telling him about virtual reality and how I want to become a VR flmmaker. He then asked me: What are the benefits of Virtual Reality?
I started answering him, from my limited knowledge. that VR is a great new technology that can allow viewers to immerse themselves in the story and feel as if they are a witness at the events that are being unfolded in front of them. My friend continued to ask me the same question, feeling that my response was not fully answering his question. I really did not know what to answer. Now I am thinking over and over again of the same thing. What are the benefits of VR aside froom the one that I mentioned?
Even though the technology is still new and not so popular as an iPhone for example, we shouldn't underestimate it. Niche markets use it for various purpose and I am confident that the filmmaking industry will start to slowly adopt it as well. A few benefits are immersion, entering an alternate reality and enjoying a completely different experience, talking with your friends or co-workers in a better meeting than the classical Skype or Zoom, thus tearing down the barriers of distance.

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