Virtual Trip Video to Japan🇯🇵


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Hi all!

I'm a producer from Japan, dealing with a short film working with international artists, nice to meet you all :)

Last year we have filmed Japan, at the mountainous area in Japan Alps named Gifu Prefecture, in collaborated with French cinematographers.
We are currently launching it for our wish that everyone in the world would come to this beautiful region full of history and tradition in richness.

We produced 4 videos by the interests - so just wondering which one you like ? I am just wanting to have your opinions !!

1 Minute - Digest

1 Minute - Outdoors

1 Minute - Gastronomy

1 Minute - Tradition

All the best,

Kim Welch

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HI Aika, thank you for your videos. Very good work. Philosophical and beautifully shot and edited. What did you use to shoot and edit with?