Vanishing Point – Small Preview Of an Incomplete Project

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
I started working on a personal creative projects two years ago. The end result was supposed to be a creative music video, that would feature multiple characters from video games. Sadly, the pandemic restricted most outdoor activity for a long while, which made it very difficult to continue working on my small project. We only managed to film 20% of what we wanted.

In the past week, I stumbled upon what we managed to film and I made a small edit of it, mostly for fun. I do plan to restart filming on this personal project at some point, but until then, here is a small preview of what I managed to do:

The song is called “Vanishing Point” by LifeLine Band.

@nialmedia helped me film the entire project.


It was not the result we wanted, but it was the project we needed to gain experience! Next time, we will do it much better. And hopefully, we will use better gear, too! :)