Tips on filmmaking school



I will be taking up filmmaking course next year in International Academy of Film and Television. I'm so excited to learn this course, any tips?



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script first

script first

i'd say before your class, write as solid of a script as you can. i'd also suggest having other ideas fairly fleshed out as well. i took a 7 week summer course at usc, so there wasn't much time to write because you have to worry about preproduction. seriously, focus on the writing before the class starts.

Dan Selakovich

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Heed Tiramisushi's words! And on the first day, find out about equipment access, and sign up for equipment as soon as you can for your shoot weeks down the road. If you wait too long, you'll find you won't be able to get what you need.



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I dont know how writing a solid script will help her in film school. This school sounds more technical then it does for developing ideas. If she wanted to write, she'd probably take a Creative Writing class.

The only tip I can give you is not to listen to people who havn't attended this perticular school, because they might be giving you wrong, and or bad advices. Secondly, read up on the program, if THEY say prepare stuff, then do so, or else just wait for the session to start and enjoy learning. Most probably they will be teaching you all this stuff you want to know.

Just be happy to know you got in for now, that is a good thing