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Hello, I'm currently working on a script for a indie film I want to shoot. My next step is a story board, I was going to have my friend draw out what I want since he is a pretty good drawer but I have heard about Storyboard programs? How exactly do these work? What's the difference between writing one and using a program? Also if someone could tell me the advantages of one over the other that would be great. Thank you in advance.
Storyboard Answer

Storyboard Answer

As a storyboard artist, I'm obviously not biased, but I believe storyboard programs are the next step towards each of us being replaced by a T1000. The program just doesn't allow the detailed input that a storyboard artist can give you.
The storyboard software that I've seen allows you to "build" your set in a 3-D space and move things around (actors, props, furniture) and then move the camera to where you want it. It then takes a picture and that becomes your storyboard.

While cool, this really amounts to a very simple animatic. I much prefer hand drawing storyboards and agree with Atkisson. It allows you to be more detailed.

While storyboards for actual shooting may use the animatic-style storyboards that these programs do, or even simple drawings, I always recommend a storyboard artist for the "big" scenes. You can even get away with just simple shot lists, but for big chase scenes with lots of cuts, lots of action, explosions, gun fights, sword fights, hockey games, whatever, do detailed storyboards that show exactly what you want to see.
I use StoryBoard Quick, which is a software program that facilitates digital storyboard design. Some prefer hand-drawn storyboards, but digital just fits my style better :)

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