[h=2]Solar Video Productions in NYC[/h]
Solar is a one-stop production company equipped to handle a project from concept and filming to editing, audio post production, multi-media, graphic/web design and media distribution.

For the past couple of years, we have also been holding workshops to aid students in subjects of filmmaking like lighting, camera, script workshops and even post production.

The instructor is our founder, ERIC LAU, who is an alumnus of NYU's Graduate Film Program and has worked for 33 years in the film industry. Mr. Lau has been a Director/Producer/Cinematographer for feature films and commercials ranging from Snapple to the Blue Man Group.

Our focus is to demystify filmmaking to show that independent/low-budget filmmaking does not have to look cheap, and professional filmmaking does not have to be expensive. We emphasize hands-on practice over textbook theories. We call it filmmaking, not film studies.