Sketching yourself for storyboarding can be superfun!

Swati Panda

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Basically I am an independent filmmaker(Heisenberg Films) And recently I realised it's very important for a filmmaker to understand drawing,painting and sketching to develop an aesthetic sense. Ofcourse you can hire someone for it. But if you try a little bit you might do it yourself. I was not very confident about my sketching skills. The last time I drew, was during school, long back. So I pushed myself ,told myself it's ok if it would be crap . And I saw some Youtube tutorials and started sketching.After few days, I have reached here in a short time with focus and attention to details. But from my experience I can say, the moment you start drawing or sketching, you feel like an artist, you feel calm and peaceful. Now this gives immense confidence to a filmmaker to do storyboarding yourself or visualise the scene in more perfection or even draw , sketch your own ideas that enter into our minds randomly. I did this sketch of MARVEL's Daredevil.
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Considering that you do not have previous experience with sketching, this looks very good! The more you practice, the better you will become! :) The best sketches are made by people who have previously spend thousands of hours doing sketches. It is all about how much time you are willing to put into it. Hope to see more sketches from you!