Secondary Camera for the sony hvr-z5u


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Hello everyone, I'm looking at getting another camera for taping concerts that wont be used for sot. For now i am using the hvr-z5u as my main audio/ video recorder. I will be looking at getting other equipment later for a better sound. When I bought the z5u, i saw that the hdr-fx1000 was exactly the same picture wise, but I was wondering if there was anything cheaper? Scrounging up extra cameras for the shoots become a problem, and trying to get so many different shots to make a promo with one camera and not get any audio clipping can be a hassle. Actually that brings up a couple of other issues that are a little off topic but.... Watching the audio meter, everything looks fine. Capturing the audio i here a bunch of clipping, but the meters in adobe premiere are between -12 and -6 with very little yellow ever showing. The sound guys later told me they were raising the levels little by little throughout the show (which i had to continually account for, I also wonder if they may have been in the red at times). Could the clipping be from being to close to the stage with the pressure from the speakers even with the level on the cam low? And anyone know of any good isolation headphones for events like this?