Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition Deadline MARCH 4

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Why Should You Participate in the 26TH Annual Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition?

Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition is one of the longest running competitions in the world, and we prioritize the writers above all else.

1. Industry Professionals Read Every Entry: We use producers, agents, and managers to read every submission, providing you with a unique opportunity to get your script in front of decision makers in the industry.

2. Opportunity for Exposure: With over 90 producers reading submissions, your script has the chance to be seen by key players in the entertainment industry who could potentially help you advance your career.

3. Grand Prize of $10,000: We offer a generous grand prize of $10,000, which can be a significant boost to your writing career or help you further develop your craft.

4. Promotion for Top 100 Writers: If your script makes it to the top 100, we will promote and pitch your work for a full year, increasing your chances of getting noticed by industry professionals.
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26th Annual Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Shorts Competition

We are one of the longest running competitions in the world. Our number one priority has always been the writer, which is the reason we use producers, agents and managers to read every entry. We have industry professionals judge because it creates another opportunity for the writer to get their script in front of a decision maker.

• Over 90 producers reading

• $10,000 Grand Prize

• We promote and pitch the TOP 100 writers for a full year


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