Photorealistic Lens FX Webinar 25% OFF - Sale Ends June 5th

Diane Wright

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FX Ecademy's Photorealistic Lens FX Webinar Has Dropped!

Ever been faced with having to match the chromatic aberration of a live action plate when placing a CGI element into that live action; or add a bokeh to match surrounding shots? In just over an hour you can master the subject of Photorealistic Lens FX for 25% OFF where you will learn this and a whole lot more if you act now!WB_Photorealistic_Lens_FX_static.png

This highly informative webinar includes info on a dozen different types of lens effects and what causes them, their layer ordering and how to replicate them digitally to match your shot. By taking this on-demand webinar your confidence will soar because you’ll know what to do and why! Plus, this webinar is software agnostic so you can use your favorite compositing software!

Make your composites look more photorealistic today by using coupon code INTRO25 at checkout now through June 5th!

Use coupon code INTRO25 at checkout through June 5th!

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