New Social Media Platform for Composers to Sell Your Royalty Free Music


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Hi I am John and I'm here to tell you about a new Social Media Platform for Music Composers to sell their music to media projects worldwide.

909 Music ( is a Royalty Free Music library with tracks starting from $10 for unlimited use for media content creators of all types from films, ads, commercials, documentaries to Video games, mobile apps, youtube videos etc. with tracks ranging in all genres from electronica, ambient, blues, pop rock to cinematic, Orchestral, filmscore, hip-hop, Trailer Music and sound design.

Composers can now take advantage of this platform to sell their music to all types of clients mentioned above. Any composers can create a FREE ACCOUNT and upload UNLIMITED Music to their profile page. They can also set their own Tags, Moods and Price for each track they upload. There is absolutely no limit to how many tracks a composer wishes to sell on 909 Music. The royalty split between the composer and 909 Music is 50/50 which is a great deal compared to all other platforms out there.

Composers can also leverage the social media platform to network with other composers. They can collaborate with other composers and monetize their music together using the "Collaborate" feature on the site!

This seems to be a great marketplace for composers and media clients alike. Composers can monetize unlimited music with a free account and media clients and content creators can source music from hundreds of composers that join the website everyday and choose music from the best composers of their choice. They can also network with the composers of their choice and get original music made for their projects.

909 Music auditions all the new music submitted everyday and features the best of the best music in the library for clients to gain access to high quality tracks.
Further more you can browse all composers through the Explore section ( of the website which features all the composers on 909 Music

Join today to Buy and Sell High Quality Royalty Free Music!