NEW HERE! film maker from Stafford UK seeks your attention


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Hi there
my name is Francesco, this is my first post. I am 23 YO and am proud to join this community. I have been locked up in my den 3 months to write a feature screenplay (244 pages of it) and now I'm on the road to make a few shorts with the same flavour, to gain some experience, and attract investors for my feature.

I have just finished a script for a 10 min short about the death of Greek philosopher Socrates, if you live near me and have a toga in your wardrobe you wanna lend me, if you have a cellar that looks like a greek dungeon, or if you know where one is, if you want to act in it, DROP ME A LINE!!!

If you see this post and would like to give any tips about anything, do not hesitate, I am dying to talk to intelligent, interesting people who unlike me have a bit of field experience.

Be my friend
Be my ally

Kim Welch

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Welcom to the Forums

Welcom to the Forums

Socrates’ is a very interesting character and teacher in history and could make a very good story. I wonder if it could be done with the same kind of positive inspiration as the “Dead Poets Society” I might be going out on a limb on this one.


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Ha! Thank you for your kind words, seen DPS about 10 yr ago, all i remember is that it's amazing... The story is actually liberally adapted from Plato's Phaedo