Music Copyright question



I have heard that if you only use 30 seconds or less of a song that you can not get in trouble with all the copyright stuff.

does anyone know anyhting about this?


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copywrite on music works like this, as soon as you can recognize a tune, then you can be sure you are liable for something.

This is what I've been told by big Hollywood lawyers.


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Something I have wondered though... at what level is this something you have to worry about? I am a hip-hop producer and I use samples from copywrited material when I make my beats. It isn't even something I worry about, and I know some big name artists who are on independant labels and they don't worry about sample clearance at all.

So I know that anything released on a wide scale will have to make sure they pay for any copywrited material they use, but when is the time to start worrying about that? Should any student film-maker worry about it, no matter what level they are at? Should you not worry about it until you are actually at the level where your films are getting distrobution?

What do you guys think?

fat jack

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i havent even thought about music et....haha well anyhting really im still in planning...but im pretty sure that the last guy wa right, as long as you are not making financial profit off of your movie than copyright should not apply

professor aire

Should not doesn't mean does not... As soon as your film starts getting any sort of public viewing (whether just amongst your friends, or on YouTube, or whatever) then you had for sure better start worrying about copyrights. All it takes is one little hint of the song usage to make it back to the copyright owner(s) and they can seriously make your life miserable if they choose to.

Better safe than sorry, besides permissions to use copyrighted materials aren't always that hard to come by. The cost of it all depends on how much viewing the product will receive, so if you're just making a couple copies and showing them around school then it won't necessarily cost that much. (Though, the final cost does depend on who owns the music...) Anyways, its always worth looking into obtaining copyright permissions...