Making Money Making Art Virtual Panel, Tuesday, May 18, 4pm Pacific FB Live @ArtistsUnitedOrg

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Link: Facebook

Making art and making a living can seem like an impossibility for many artists. Join @ArtistsUnitedOrg Tuesday, May 18 at 4 pm on FB for a live panel where our guests can shed some light on approaches that do work for making the leap to making money from your art.

All three panelists have created online platforms that help artists find a way to monetize their work, giving them the tools to become entrepreneurs.

Join us to explore ways to make a living from what we love to do – create.

Panelists are Kristine Maltrud, CEO of @ArtSpark, Cory Huff, Founder of @TheAbundantArtist, Sam Hull, Founder and Acting Executive Director of @ArtemisArtsOrg, a non-profit for women in the arts and his own luxury design brand @HouseOfPixen.

Maura N.

The Last Black Unicorn
Staff member
I have added this to our Calendar and moved it to the category where it fits best.
This panel is a good idea that will help many artists monetize their passions, especially during these difficult times :)

Oskar Kuusk

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Yes, indeed, it is difficult for artists to think in economical terms because they have a different vision of the world. In the few cases where the artist has an entrepreneurial view as well, it is less difficult to properly promote your art.