Low Budget Short Horror Scripts Available


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I've written a handful of microbudget short ghost films - 2 or 3 speaking roles, 1 or 2 easy locations, minimal to no FX, quick in-and-out on the story, bit of a twist at the end - mostly for practice at scriptwriting. I'm hoping to find some film-makers who might be interested? They'd suit students or people just starting out.

The last time I tried this we ended up with https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13283268/ (it started as a gritty Northern British film and I had to Americanise it!).

I don't want money - all I want is the writing credit on another finished film :)

Reply here/DM with details if you'd like loglines etc
Thank you for letting our community know about this opportunity! :D

Not every filmmaker is also a good writer. It is great when you can put your creativity to work and create a great film with an existing script.