Looking to see if we can create a dream team


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Hey everyone,

Here's the deal. I have been in the hotel industry all my life and will continue to do so as I have much passion for what I do for work and wish to grow in the field.

At the same time, I have an obsession with viral videos why and how, and all the other questions we all think of. I have an obsession with this because it is quite similar to what I do for my actual work lol.

I truly believe if We were to create a dream team, it would consist of

1. Story Teller

2. Editing experts( we need, normal editing expert,animation expert,TikTok editor expert in quick short videos but these are the hardest, and visual effects expert)

3. Cinematographer with color grading skills

4. Youtube and TikTok Marketing Expert.

5. Me - I promise I come with value. Photographic memory and has a keen understanding of how Viral videos work. But I have no knowledge in actually getting a video viral as i just haven't had the courage to ever do stuff like this. I hope this community brings out that courage :) .

Also to make this dream team have faster results, I already have an expert cinematographer in LA. He is very good and completely understands my vision as we have talked for many hours. As long as we can get the best editing expert and marketing understanding of how to upload videos, we should be perfect.

Thats all for the dream team crew. I have this weird idea and if done properly, can 100% result in our channel having over 10M subscribers.

If anyone is interested in hopping on a Discord call or zoom call, we can really brainstorm and my goal would be to show you how possible the idea is and we have everything we need.

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